Klaipėda Culture Communications Centre 02 26–03 28

There was a solo exhibition of my installations “(Ecological) Alterations”. In it, I showed works created on the topic of ecology.

My installations unite several starting points. These are a focus on processes (as opposed to unchanging, „frozen“ states), „becoming other“ (an attempt to feel yourself „on the border“, or simply „in someone else’s shoes“), and questioning or ironic attitudes towards conventional hierarchies. Alterations are small, sometimes barely perceptible changes in appearance, condition, structure, in music it is a change in tone or halftone.

The lines of artistic research of the installations meander through ecological themes and the junctures/intersections of nature and technology. The motifs of the works stemmed from my personal experiences, various encounters in ecologically sensitive contexts, intensities and changes of sensations. The works do not provide answers; only try to reveal the complex relationship of modern man to nature.

The thematic tension is maintained by the contrasts of forms, materials and rhythms: floating polyester shapes and “frozen” silhouetted movements, saw-blade-like sharp metal edges and fluffy (real or fake?) fur, rectangular computer code rhythms in blue screen light and natural structures of vegetation. Different shapes and rhythms interact with visual references in various ways: they reinforce or contrast them, creating additional, contradictory layers of significance.

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Thanks to Klaipėda Culture Communications Centre team Nerijus Jankauskas and Rūta Petniūnaitė for the video material.