Solo, duo, trio sculpture and installations exhibitions:

2021 installations solo show “(Ecological) Alterations” at Klaipėda Culture Communications Centre, Lithuania.

2018 installations show “Alterations” in the two artists exhibition, St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2016 installations show “Collision of Nature and Culture” in the three artists exhibition “Mutual zone”, Meno parkas gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2015  solo sculpture exhibition, Kaunas‘ Castle, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2014  solo sculpture exhibition „Anatomy“, St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013  solo sculpture exhibition, Artist’s House, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2013  solo sculpture exhibition, St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.


2017  Diploma of the Lithuanian Artists Association in the exhibition „The Best artwork of the year 2016“ (for the triptych “Collision of Nature and Culture”), Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis.

2015  Diploma of the Lithuanian Artists Association in the exhibition „The Best artwork of the year 2014” (for the sculpture “Activeness“), Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis.

2013  Individual State Grant of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture for art and culture creators (for personal sculpture exhibition)

2011  “Sculpture of the year’10” – Diploma for the most outstanding small sculpture of  2010.

2008  Lithuanian Print Exhibition “Estampas 07 – Honorable mention (for the print “Maraton”). 

2006  5th Egypt International Print Triennial – Certificates of merit (for the print “Passers-by”).

Participation in Group shows with sculpture and installations:


2024 01 19-03 10 – Sculptura #2, the second edition of the European sculpture and installation art exhibition. Gare Maritime (Tour & Taxis space), Brussels, Belgium.


Competitive exhibition “Black-white”, Art Gallery Drobė, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Annual Exhibition of the members of the Lithuanian Artist’s Association (Kaunas’ section). Art Gallery Drobė, Kaunas, Lithuania.


“Exhibition Nr. 1”, the first exhibition in the new art gallery Drobė of the Lithuanian Artist’s Association, Kaunas’ section. Art Gallery Drobė, Kaunas, Lithuania.


The 4th Kaunas International Printmaking Biennial “The Nature of Light”. A. Žmuidzinavičius Creations and Collections Museum, Kaunas, Lithuania.


4th Quadriennial of the Contemporary Art “Q19: Memorabilia. To record into memory“, organized by Lithuanian Artists’ Association . Exhibition “REALITY-MYTH-OBLIVION” (curator Nijole Nevcesauskiene), gallery “Meno parkas”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Thematic exhibition “Potency-2” (curator E.Mikalauskis), Siauliai Art Gallery, Lithuania.

Group exhbition „Dimension of the Maquette“ (curator M.Jurėnas), gallery „Meno parkas“, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Exhibition „The Best artwork of the year 2016“, Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis.


Project „Sculptors for the 100th Independence of Lithuania“ (curators A.Jasiukevičiūtė, D.Kučas), travelling exhibition in different cities of Lithuania).

Exhibition „The Best artwork of the year 2015“, Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis.

2015 August – 2016 June:
Participation with Sculpture works in the exhibitions in Rossocinabro gallery, Rome, Italy (curators Cristina Madini, Joe Hansen).

Romart 2015, International Biennial of Art and Culture (curator Amedeo Demitry), Fierra di Roma, Italy.

Exhibition „The Best artwork of the year 2014“, Kaunas Picture Gallery of the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis.

5-year project “Sculptors read Donelaitis” (curator D.Matulaite), St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania


Quadriennial of Contemporary Art Q14 „Art on a flagpole“ (Lithuanian Artists Association, curator V.Zukas), exhibition hall Basteja, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Exhibition of Sculpture and Graphic Art “Potency” (curator E.Mikalauskis), Picture gallery of the National M.K.Čiurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas; Siauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.


Small sculpture exhibition “Exchange” (curator J.Belevicius), Klaipeda’ Gallery, Lithuania.


“Sculpture of the year ’10” (curator M.Zavadskis), St. John’s Street Gallery,Vilnius, Lithuania.


“The sculpture of the year ’09” (curator M.Zavadskis), St. John’s Street Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

Sculpture for Public Spaces:

2018 – Plaque for the contemporary poet Vladas Braziūnas, Literatų street, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2016 – IIIrd place in the contest “Accents for Kaunas” (projects for the city spaces).

≈ 1992 – Portrait of Lithuanian writer Kristijonas Donelaitis (1714-1780) (Bas-relief, bronze), in K.Donelaitis Gymnasium, Kybartai, Lithuania.

1989 – Portrait of Lithuanian writer Kristijonas Donelaitis (1714-1780) (Bas-relief, bronze), in the Literature and Art Museum of Ąžuolynas‘ Secondary School in Elektrėnai, Lithuania.

1989 – IInd place in the contest (figurative sculpture for Lithuanian writer J.Jablonskis in Marijampole, Lithuania).

~1989 – Bas-relief of Lithuanian writer K. Donelaitis in Kybartai city Gymnasium, Lithuania).

≈ 1986 – Commemorative plaque for Lithuanian writer and poet Simonas Stanevičius (1799-1848) (copper incuse), in the birthplace village Kanopėnai, Raseiniai distr., Lithuania.

≈ 1986 – Commemorative plaque for Lithuanian linguist Jurgis Lebedys (1913-1970) (copper incuse with portrait bas-relief), in the birthplace village Devynduoniai, Kėdainiai distr., Lithuania.

1981/1982 – Commemorative plaque for Lithuanian writer Vydūnas (1868-1953) (copper incuse with portrait bas-relief), in Kintai (former Primary school), Lithuania (presently removed).

Participation in International Print exhibitions:


7th International Miniprint Triennial Vilnius 2010, Lithuania.

International Print Triennial Oldenburg “Print without Borders”, Germany (Project International Print Network Krakow-Oldenburg-Vienna).


2nd Guanlan International Print Biennial, China.

International Digital Graphic Arts Biennial Gdynia 2008, Poland. 


7th Lessedra World Print Annual Mini Print 2008, Bulgaria.

The 2nd International Mini Print exhibition, Ottawa School of Art Gallery, Canada.
The 3rd International Experimental Engraving Biennial, Timisoara, Romania.

The 7th Kochi International Triennial exhibition of Prints, Japan.


Miniprint Finland 2007, Lahti Art Museum, Finland.

6th International Miniprint Triennial Vilnius 2007, Lithuania.


The Iowa Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Miniature Prints, Awarded Selection
III International Independent Print Biennial “White Inter-nights” BIN 2006, St. Petersburg (“Maniez”), Russia.
Digital print in the Rural Arts forum at Birnam Arts centre (PVAF), Perthshire, Scotland.

4th International Biennial of Miniature Art “Czestochowa 2006”, Poland.
4th International Miniature print biennial BIMPE, Canada. 


25th Miniprint International Cadaques 2005, Spain. 
1st  International Small Size Engraving Salon „Inter-Grabado 2005“, Uruguay.


5th International Triennial of Miniprints, Vilnius, Lithuania.
11th International Prints and Drawings Biennale, Taipey, Taiwan.

Participation in Print exhibitions in Lithuania:

2013  Exhibition “Factory Series no. 1934”, the Ministry of Fluxus” (in the premises of the former Lithuanica shoe factory), Kaunas.

2011  “Art + Art of Communication. Ecosphere” (Curator Violeta Jasevičiūtė), Kaunas Picture Gallery, Lithuania.

2010  Lithuanian Print Exhibition “Estampas 09”, Vilnius, Lithuania (March 2011 – Utena, Lithuania; June 2011 – Panevezys, Lithuania).

2009  Project „New city face”. Exhibition “Modified values”, Vilnius Railway station, Lithuania.

2009  Exhibition “Ordinary iconography: Lithuania 1970-1993”, Vilnius Railway station (Project “New City Face”), Lithuania.

2008  Traditional and Digital Art exhibition “Paraphrases” (Project “Lithuanian Art 2008”), Lithuania (Ukmerge, Panevezys, Kaunas, Birstonas).

2008  Lithuanian Print Exhibition “Estampas 07”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2007  Digital print exhibition, Central Library, Panevezys, Lithuania.
2007  Lithuanian Print Exhibition “Estampas 06”, gallery „Kairė-Dešinė“, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2006  Digital print exhibition „The Beginning of the End“, gallery „Kairė-Dešinė“, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2006  Lithuanian Print Exhibition “Estampas 05”, gallery „Kairė-Dešinė“, Vilnius, Lithuania. 

2005  Lithuanian Print exhibition “Coincidence”, gallery „Kairė-Dešinė“, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2004  Lithuanian Print exhibition “Jazzy print II”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2000  Group exhibition of the Teachers of Art Gymnasium “Artists behind the screen”, gallery “Egle”, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Solo print and drawing exhibitions

2004  Dry point, gallery “Egle”, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2003  Drawings “Meditations”, gallery “Egle”, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2002  Drawings and computer graphics “Life is a game”, gallery “Egle”, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2001  Drawings “Footsteps”, Textile gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania.